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A Letter To Canadian Roman Catholics

By Matthew Clark

Dear Canadian Roman Catholics

If you are indeed followers of the true church it is time you start acting like it. Stop letting yourselves be pushed around by those who despise you! Do not use the sins of the clergy as an excuse to sleep in on Sunday, rather than getting up early to go to Mass. On the issue of Residential Schools for first nation youth, you were not the only denomination which participated in the program. All major Christian denominations in Canada were part of the Residential School program. So why is your religion taking the lions share of blame for what occurred?

Your church needs reform? Then reform it! You are descendants of martyrs who braved Roman lions, and worshipped in caves, so they could honour the Lord. Act like you deserve their legacy.

Go to church, get your clergy in line. Above all promote God's word. Stimulate Christianity.


A Canadian Protestant.

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