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A letter To Canadian Worshippers Within Traditional Protestant Denominations

By Matthew Clark

Dear Canadian Traditional Protestant Christian Worshippers

Your ancestors braved the ire of monarchs, and the fire of tyrants, so you could worship at the church of your choice on any given day. They insulted men of influence, waged wars over lines in a prayer book, and escaped to the new World(s) in order to practice the Lords word.

If you want their legacy to survive you must stop your sensory principles, and return to the often cruel pursuit of truth. Insist the clergy desist in acting like politicians campaigning for public office. Insist they pursue the truth of the Lord. Turn your back on the relativism of inclusiveness. Opt instead for the sincerity of a denomination which accepts followers of Jesus Christ, yet excludes all who reject him, or his teachings.


A Disenchanted Protestant.

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