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Advocating For Political Atheism!

By Matthew Clark

One of the more curious characteristics of contemporary western nations is the strong trend toward religious atheism married up with a devotion to political institutions, particularly political parties. This evolution has created whole nations of people completely devoid of any type of spiritual foundation. When combined with a ferverent political culture the result is banal, corrupt, amoral, even malevolent, countries. Once prosperous principled jurisdictions have become impoverished reprehensible entities. Caesar has been deified over God with (negative) predictable results. Reality has proven that religious atheism results in dysfunctional, dystopian societies.

Nevertheless there is a place for atheism, political atheism! It is a phrase being popularized by Gerald Celente, an expert analyst of international economic and political affairs. United Kingdom media commentator Neil Oliver has introduced the term to British television viewers. They reject the political orthodoxy, rhetoric, and narrative, ravaging western nations at present. Furthermore they eviscerate the malignant political (leaders) leadership which is in such a determined hurry to destroy the foundation of the worlds most noble civilization. Faced with such insipid demonic hierarchy Celeste and Oliver advocate for inhabitants of the Western world to adopt in their civic affairs a philosophy of Political Atheism!

What is Political Atheism?

Political Atheism is sceptical of stated intentions. It's primary scrutiny is directed at the results of political instituted policies.

Political Atheism does not default support to any political party or political leader. There should be no belief in political parties or political leaders.

Under Political Atheism foreign Wars are unjustified.

Under Political Atheism Civil War is justified if it is to overthrow an unjust political ruler and/or unjust government.

The default political position of Political Atheism is individual liberty. This is because political atheists realize that politicians, by the very fact they desire coercive power, are immoral beings!

Hopefully in both the near and distant future the earths people will put a just God in their lives while also rejecting the necessity of Caesar(s) large or small, as well as Imperial government(s), whether they be local, provincial, national or international!

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