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Africans Gave The World A Gift

By Matthew Clark

To understand what the Africans did for the inhabitants of the world this past year (2021) we first must look at how historically pandemics have progressed!

In its' initial stage a pandemic, especially a respritory one, will be very contagious, and have a higher mortality rate than a standard virus. After a brief lull, of perhaps six weeks, the virus reemerges amonst the general population. During this period both the contagion, and mortality rate, increase dramatically. To those experiencing the full brunt of the pandemic it can seem the virus is unstoppable. Thankfully over time the pandemic, while still displaying a high level of contagiousness, decreases in lethality. Eventually it stops its' rampage, and people go on with their lives, a little wiser on the fragility of individual life.

Probbly the most famous modern instance of this formula is the 1918 'Spanish Influenza.' Starting out in the winter of 1918, most probably in the training camps of the American army, the influenza cut a swath first through the American doughboys, then amongst the general population. Quickly it became a presence not only in Europe, but worldwide. There was a temporary decline when the warm weather months arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. By summers end however the killer flu was raging throughout the world in a far more lethal manner than it had earlier. To many observers, including Scientists, the disease appeared to be a systemic threat to civilization. Colonel Victor Vaugh in 1918 was Dean of Medicine School at the University of Michigan, and in charge of handling communicable diseases for the U.S. army. He publicly stated, "If the pandemic continues its' mathmatical rate of acceleration, civilisation could easily disappear..... from the face of the earth within a matter of a few more weeks."

Fortunately this did not occur. The Influenza Pandemic did continue into 1919. In Canada, to prevent spread the entire Canadian football season was cancelled. That the virus was still potent is witnessed by what transpired during the Staney Cup ice hockey finals. The eastern representative Montreal Canadians had one player (Joe Hall) die of the flu, and four players unable to play after being striken with the contagion. The Canadians offered to forfeit the series to the western representative Seattle Metropolitans but the proud Pacific Coast Hockey Association champions would not accept the cup under those circumstances. There would be no champion for that year.

Gradually the virus mutated down. It was still contagious but not as lethal. In 1920 the Pandemic was a shadow of its' former self, far less virulent then it had been for the previous two years.

There is a scientific reason why this happened. Although viruses are not life as we know it, they still want to exist. They are also not sentient in the manner of human beings yet the will to survive is strong in a virus. Since it is a simpler creature than a human being it can also evolve, or devolve, much quicker than our species. By killing their host the virus ended up causing their own mortality. This was something the virus did not want so it mutated down, allowing it, and its' host(s), to live. Thus the 1918 influenza pandemic ended without any medical cure having been invented by the scientific community to stop it. (although many treatments were iniated to help individuals survive the "plague").

In late 2019 and early 2020 a Sars virus, Covid 19, emerged into the world. There was no doubt it was highly contagious. Although the percentage of mortality among the people who caught Covid 19 was low the contagion rate was so high it seemed to guarantee widespread death and mayhem. With very few exceptions countries throughout the Western, and Asiatic world adopted societal lockdown measures and medical treatments to heal the afflicted.

Although the mortality rate never reached the predicted highs it was still prevalent enough to cause extreme anxiety amongst the population(s). Strangely despite success in handling the virus many of the treatments, Ivermettin being the most famous, were abandoned. It soon became a matter of policy that only a vacine could arrest Covid 19.

The vacines that were eventually presented to the public were little better than the average agriculture 'leaky' vacine. They did not prevent an individual from acquiring Covid 19, or transmitting it. Instead the vacine(s) value was in mitigating the symptons. Distinguished Doctors such as Robert Maloney, inventor of the mRna vacine, pointed out that this type of vacine removed the motive for the Covid 19 virus to mutate down. It also allowed Covid 19 to continue to exist in a large segment of the general population. Predictably over time the 'leaky' vacines effectiveness was mediocre at best. It did manage to spawn a new variant (mutation?) called the 'Delta' variant. This type of Covid 19 was much more virulent than its' predecessor.. From the Health industry, and their government overseers came the repetitious phrase, " more vacines are needed."

Worldwide there was one exception to this monotonous narrative. On the continent of Africa a different tact was used. Africa, with far less resources than the Western and Asiatic world, did not look for a magical solution to solve the situation confronting them. According to the World Health Organization only 6% of Africans have taken a Covid 19 vacine. Instead the Africans trusted in their doctors and nurses to come up with viable treatments to fight the sickness. They also relied on a tried and true scientific method to handle all afflictions. A method handed down by the creator. It is the resilancy and determination of the human species, embedded in individual toil and reason, to meet an existential challenge, and turn it into something better for the human condition.

Armed with these tactics the Africans have survived this pandemic in a healthier, and more cohesive state, than the other peoples' of the globe who tried to avoid the discomforts and pains which are necessary to achieve natural immunity. Not only have Africans not experienced the equivelent human and material cost that the rest of the world inflicted on itself, they have managed to avoid the character and moral degeneration which co-exists with an obsession over ones' mortality, as well as its' Siamese twin, the climate of fear.

In Africa the Covid 19 virus was motivated to mutate down. Following the historic trend of viruses it did exactly that. The Omnicron variant, contagious but with symptons similar to a cold, emerged. Through their wonderful defiant efforts, the Africans have given the world a gift. The Omnicron variant which offers us natural immunity.

Will the rest of the world accept the gift? That depends on how far our character has, or has not fallen. Perhaps we have to recapture our character. If we take the gift men and women must be prepared to suffer through sickness, discomfort, and the mental uncertainty which that brings. In all liklihood most people will prefer the instant gratification of a vacine. That is until they either suffer a horrible side effect, or the virus ramps up into the true killer we originally feared it would be. Perhaps, motivated by the 'leaky' medical procedure, it might even become a "Bubonic Plague" level grim reaper.

It is more convenient to take a vacine, even one that does not work, than go through a week, or two, of ailment. So the odds are, given the contemporary superficial nature of most individuals in the Western, and Asiatic world, that the gift Africans have presented us with will be unopened. Instead we will soothe our conscience at rejecting this oppurtunity by trying to encourage the Africans to behave like us. Through our health agencies and organisations we shall offer them a modern version of 'thirty pieces of silver,' The Covid 19 vacines. This version will not be a betrayal of the creator, but it will be a betrayal of decency.

So to the Africans, who gave the planet such a wonderful gift I urge you to reject the present sent to you in by the peoples, and governments of the rest of the earth. You have accomplished too much to accept tokens.

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