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World War Three (Revised. Probably not the First Time)

By Matthew Clark

This week has witnessed a senior United States air force general admitting that the Russian air force has not been degraded at all by the military conflict in Ukraine. Iran has commenced retaliatory military strikes against Israel for the bombing of the Iranian embassy in Damascus by the Israelis. American troops are participating in manuevers with Taiwanese armed personnel on Taiwanese teeritory in defiance of Communist Mainland China. Inflation is once again threatening to spiral out of control in many western nations.

Change on the geopolitical front appears to be occurring by the minute. Therefore it is only appropriate that the predictions for World War Three, which have been occassionally discussed in this blog, be revised. All prognosication is made on the assumption, by no means assured, that the use of nuclear weapons will be a tactic of extreme last resort. The one constant is that in every theatre of war American military forces will be engaged. In some areas their numbers will be quite modest while in other localities the total fighting force will be impressive.


EUROPE- Russia against Ukraine. Belarus (with Russian mercenary support) versus Poland and the Baltic nations. Serbia against her NATO neighbours over the province of Kosovo. Internally many NATO country's will experience civil conflict in a manner similar to Lebanon in the 1970's or Ireland during the time of Troubles ( roughly late 1960's until 1998). Non NATO Western nations such as Ireland and Switzerland will be coerced into the Western Alliance.

Russia will conquer south, eastern, and central Ukraine. A Rump. geopolitically neutral Ukraine will exist in (now) West Ukraine with the capital at LVIV.

Belarus conflict with Poland and the Baltic jurisdictions will result in a stalemate. An armistice will be negotiated between the belligerents which maintains the status quo. Poland and her Baltic partners will remain in the Western allied NATO while Belarus will tilt to the Eurasian BRICS organization.

Serbia, again with Russian assistance, will regain Kosovo. Membership within the European Union will decline. NATO will survive the war despite the fact many European nations, as mentioned earlier, will undergo civil conflict.

MIDDLE EAST- Turkey will leave NATO. She will assist the Arab powers in their struggle against Israel. This preponderence of military resources will prevail over Israel with the result the government in Tel Aviv will recognize a Palestinian state. In Syria the forces of President Assad will triumph in the civil war which has resulted in such tragedy for the Syrian people. Government fighting forces friendly to Iran will possess Iraq while an alliance between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan will occur. Meanwhile Egypt will become a BRICS member while the BRICS alliance proponents will gain ascendancy in Libya.

AFRICA- In Africa local interests sympathetic to Eurasia, combined with South African and Indian armed forces personnel, along with Russian mercenaries (Wagner), all backed with Mainland Chinese finances, will secure African nations to the Eurasian alliance. This is already occurring in Francophone Africa. Conflict will accelerate this trend. Western friendly forces will experience wholesale defeat.

ASIA- Communist Chinese Mainland armed personnel will succeed, dspite dogged resistance from their Taiwanese counterparts, in conquest of the disputed Island. Singapore will succumb to Communist Chinese demands that they join the BRICS ranks rather than suffer an invasion. Russian and Chinese maritime fighting forces will combine against Japan to coerce that island(s) nation into geopolitical neutrality. Only in Korea will a western allied power succeed. Albeit the South Koreans, after possessing the North, will accede to Eurasian demands that they adopt a policy of geopolitical neutrality in return for Long Term peace on the Korean Peninsula.

WESTERN HEMISPHERE- United States and her allied militaries, will achieve wholesale success throughout the America's. Brazil, Venezuala, and Cuban armed forces shall be vanquished. After experiencing defeat throughout the rest of the globe this trouncing of her regional enemies will give the Americans a veneer of success. Nevertheless economic failure will put the entire Western Hemisphere in a precarious position, with much of the population in a state of high agitation!

Russia, observing the United States Dollar in a vulnerable position due to American military failure (the America's excepted), will adopt a gold standard. This will compel the Communist Chinese government to follow the Russian lead. The resulting financial turmoil in the West will tempt many government leaders within the American alliance system to attempt to switch to the Eurasian Brics orbit. In order to keep the alliance together the more powerful NATO nations,(U.S. U.K. France) will employ the use of force against their former partners. This will result in a NATO civil war. Obviously a new world order, centred out of Beijing, and Moscow, will emerge!

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