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Bug Out Bag(s)

By Matthew Clark

One of the lasting effects natural disasters such as Tidal waves, earthquakes, hurricanes, and pandemics have had on the general public is the value of being prepared for an unforseen emergency. Today we will take a quick look at one method of preparation for dealing with a potentially perilous event. That method is the bug out bag.

The bug out bag is, or should be, an easy to transport bag filled with essential products which allow an individual(s) to weather (excuse the pun) the storm of a threatning event. By design the bug out bag is for "getting by," it is not a tool to allow one to enjoy the conveniences of modern life while the world goes to hades. Weight, financial cost, size are just a few of the factors in designing your bug out bag.

I am not a survivalist, prepper, or any kind of expert in emergency preparedness. This article just looks at a few aspects of the bug out bag. For reference I have used and

Hopefully this article will give some readers an idea(s) for their own bug out bags. Hopefully as well no one reading this article will ever have to use their bug out bag. Nevertheless it is wise to be prepared just in case! So here goes.

Items to be included in a bug out bag (according to

Mystery Ranch Blitz 30 Boy Pack $279.00

Solar Panel & Power Bank $59.95

Radio (Midland ER210 Radio) $49.99

Headlamp (biolite) 325 $49.95

Watch (Marathon General Purpose Quartz Composite Watch) $240.00

Goggles $29.99

Dehydrated Meals - Meals to go 5 day emergency food kit $99.95 at

Water Filter $349.95

Water Bottle $28.46

Fire starter $22.95

First aid medical kit $47.85

Soap $6.80

Multi tool $119.85

Pocket Knife $135.00 (damn expensive pocket knife)

Delt shovel $258.00

Duct Tape $7.84

Paracord $6.47

Sleeping Bag $367.87

Gloves $24.00

Beanie $27.29

Base Layers $105.00

Hand warmers $16.97

Flash $19.95

Lighters $13.69

All prices are in American dollars. Obviously a bug out bag is a substantial investment. Nevertheless that investment could bring priceless dividends in an emergency. Notice the cost of the bug out bag itself has not been included. The actual bug out bag tends to be quite costly. As well getting the right size is a challenge. It is a decision best left to the bug out bag owner. Advice therefore is reserved to the comment 'know all the particulars you desire for your bug out bag before you go to buy it.' Once you have found the right bag purchase it!

Next we will observe three differnt levels of bug out bag as described by the folks at

Level one bug out bag is under 20 pounds with a cost being between $400.00-$1100.00 American. It consists of

Level 1 first aid kit

27-32 oz. portable water stored in a hand canteen

collapsible canteen/vessel

water filter

water purification tablets x 30

ready to eat food

Lighter X 2


Field knife

Multi Tool

Cordage X 50

Waterproof paper and pen


candensed canned soup

Toilet paper

Nail clippers


one or two way radio

USB charging cable and wall plug

Li-ion power bank


storage bags


trashbags x 2

cell phone

Foot wear

Something that should be mentioned is that packing a bug out bag while meeting the prescribed weight requirement(s) seems to be an Einsteinesque achievement. However since the experts say it can be done, and the author is not an expert, we will go with the experts advice.

Level two bug out bag adds the following items to the bag while keeping the weight at 35 pounds and a cost of $800.00-2300.00 American.

Level Two first aid kit.

Food that needs boiling water

stormproof matches

Portable stove for boling water



Second flashlight/latern

sleeping bag

sleeping mask and earplugs

wet wipes

travel tootpaste and toothbrush






Pistol/holster/full magazine



solar charger


Park straps for lashing tents

Level 3 has a weight requirement of under 45 pounds while adding the following items. It has a cost of $1050.00-2750.00 American

First aid kit level 3

Ferro rod fire starter and striker

Extra AAA/AA bateries etc.

Battery charger

Tent (explained down below)

Extra full magazine

Hand sanitizer

signal mirror


hand saw

blade sharpener

flat travel roll duct tape

field guide book

Misc. fasteners/carabiners/ranger bands

The level three bug out bag can be strapped with sleeping bag and tent which explains how it can be under 45 pounds, yet leaves the question how practible it is to travel on foot with? Despite this question, and other ones as well, the idea of a bug out bag is a sound one. Forearmed is an advantage. Hopefully the reader is considering a bug out bag and this article has given him/her some ideas. Best of luck. Cheers.

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