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by Matthew Clark

On this two thousanth and twenty third celebration of the saviours mortal birth it would not be unreasonable to look around the world, then fall into despair. Quite frankly the world is in more turmoil than is usual. The Holy Land is controlled by political forces which are prone to genocidal intent against their opponents. Europe, once the bastion of Christianity, is continuing to lose practicing Christians, is on the verge of a general war, while having a large segment of it's population adhering to anti-European Islamism.

There is increasing danger of a regional war errupting throughout the Middle/Near East, as well as North Africa. This February a general election on Taiwan could well result with a party gaining power which favours political unification with Communist Mainland China. Mr. Xi's regime could well achieve an epic geopolitical victory through democratic means. This is a situation which should not occur for authoritarian entities.

Meanwhile major Western countries (America, U.K.. France, Germany, etc.) along with Communist China , as well as Japan, face a Sovereign debt crisis, combined with an economic recession. Historically this combination often results in war (World War Two is one example).

In times like these relaince on family and friends is an essential answer to meeting the world's malignant challenges. With family and/or friends we can work together to achieve those victories in daily life which enable us to realize greater victories in wider areas of human endeavor are possible.

Even more important is turning to the Lord for guidance! A belief in the ultimate goodness, personified by our Lord Jesus Christ, is necessary to keep us grounded, and thus to deal with everyday life. Those who turn to the Lord will have a better chance of achieving happiness despite the malevolence of our contemporary world.

Thus logic dictates that this is the most important Christmas, as well as New Year, in most people's lives. It will be a positive Christmas season for those who keep their optimism through strong belief, and values.

For those of you fortunate enough to have Turkey on the Christmas meal table the author wishes you a bon appetit. To everyone the author hails you with the Very Merriest of Christmasses. GOD BLESS US EVERYONE!

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