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Do You Believe in Ghosts?

By Matthew Clark

Just about everyone I have ever met has some sort of ghost story. They either relate a direct experience or refer to an incident(s) someone they know has gone through. Of course in Literature and screen media ghost stories abound. They make up many gendres, including romance. " The Ghost and Mrs. Mui," or "Ghost" are two examples of romantic stories involving entities who have defied the hereafter by remaining on earth after their death. "The Amityville Horror" is a horror story (perhaps true, maybe not) involving ghosts. For a comedy involving spirits watching "The Ghost Goes West" is sure to bring on a few laughs.

Many folks do not believe in spooks. They hold to the claim that death is the end of existance here on this world. Many other individuals subscribe to the opposite viewpoint. For the holders of this opinion some souls remain on earth because something extrodinary has occurred in their mortal lives which now keeps them on earth after their death. Even government(s) appears to allow for the possibility of ghostly existance. In the province of Ontario if someone is selling a house and a potential buyer asks them if anyone has died within the physical confines of the building over the previous twelve months, there is a legal obligation on the homeowner to answer the question truthfully.

Personnally I do believe in ghosts. A family member of mine once resided in a haunted home. In many ways it was a steotypical 'Hollywood Haunted House.' A large farmhouse located in a small community, it was two stories plus a loft. There were two entrances to the top floor, a semi-raparound porch, and a spiral staircase indoors. While my family members dwelt there many strange and even frightening events occurred in the building. Whenever visiting them I experienced two contradictory conditions. On the one hand it was very enjoyable to be with family. Conversely the house itself left me uneasy. Every sleep I experienced in that home was unsettled, mostly by the fact that I awoke at twenty minute intervals.

Have you ever seen a ghost, or been in some sort of haunted building? If so please tell us about it in the comments section below. It will be viewed by some very interested readers!

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That haunted house sounds very familiar. We did have several explainable occurrences over the years that we lived there. We found out in the fourth year that an eight-year-old girl tragically drowned in the pool in the backyard. although that happened roughly 30 years before we owned the house, my sons and daughters and I, what appeared to be an eight-year-old blonde haired girl in a nightie, make appearances in the upper floor at night time.

thank you for a well written article.

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