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Easter 2023!

By Matthew Clark

Over two thousand years ago the Jewish people prayed for a messiah to deliver them from the yoke of Pagan rulers. Romans, ruling one of the mightiest, as well as long lasting, empires, in history, had conquered most of the Mediterranean world. Included in that territory was the Jewish homeland. While generally tolerant of different religious beliefs, Roman's obsession with power meant that tolerance was always in danger of being withdrawn. What is more, Romans had no qualms about displaying the superiority (in their own minds) of their beliefs before the local population.

Into the boiling political ferment of the 'Chosen people's homeland' Jesus Christ was born. With the start of his ministry at age 30 Christ brought a divine message, which, among other things, proclaimed that belief in God triumphed over political dynasty. Individual life should be about following moral's pleasing to God, rather than trying to impress rulers of realms. Furthermore, if even the humblest servant pursued a life agreeable to God, that servant had a better chance of entering paradise than did a self indulgent despot, no matter how mighty his domain.

As a result of the saviour carpenter's teachings, which challenged the rulers of empires, while leaving political rebels frustrated at their own reduction, the bulk of the Holy Land's inhabitants turned their spleen on Jesus Christ. After three short years his mission was terminated, with the messiah being crucified in Jerusalem on a wooden cross.

Of course the story did not end there! With the the Lord watching approvingly, Christ message was carried forward by the apostles, and other disciples. Ironically the followers of Jesus Christ would conquer the Roman Empire, as well as many other lands. Billions of people now subscribe to the true faith, although they do not always live the life he desires them to follow.

The year 2023 sees the entire globe in a very troubled place. In almost every sphere of life the human species appears to be failing. Above all the realm of politics appears to have the greatest failings. It would do us all well, as a species, to hark back to the message of Jesus Christ. It would also do everyone a service to realize the saviour was rejected because he said things people did not want to hear. In remembering that fact we should listen to what everyone has to say, decide what is right, what comes closest to Christ's message, then try to turn the ideas into action. No one should be muzzled, just rejected if they espouse untruthfulness, or evil.

If we can follow this course renewal is always possible. If not, well the consequences will be evident, and painful!

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