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Fool Me Once Shame On You, Fool Me Twice Shame On Me

By Matthew Clark May 25, 2022

"Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." It is an old saying implying that we must learn from our mistakes. If we do not do so then we deserve all the bad things that happen to Us!

Starting in early 2020 the citizenry of Canada accepted the policy decisions implimented by the countrys' lawmakers, and health leaders, that the best method of dealing with the challenge presented by the Covid 19 virus was societal lockdown, and universal mask mandates. Every jurisdiction in the nation mandated these measures. Despite the fact that the success of these strategies was limited, at best, the mandates were kept in place. When a vaccine for the virus was produced in suspiciously record time, the government(s), and health industry, enacted authoritarian coercive measures to force Canadian citizens to take the vaccine.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming number of Canadians succumbed to the government/Health industry tyranny, and received the vaccine the results were less than impressive. Covid 19 kept up a lively presence amidst the population of the Great White North. Eventually the virus, like most viruses which have preceded it, mutated down. This Covid 19 mutation was titled the Omicron variant by the health Mandarins. It had a high contagion factor but mild symptons, the perfect recipe for herd immunity. The virus was reduced to no longer being a widespread danger to the Canadian Public. Two years after Covid 19 first made itself a presence in Canada the nations people could return to a normal state of affairs. Time to end the Mandates.

Except that did not happen. Mask mandates, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, all were being kept in place. It did not matter what the political persuasion of the party ruling your jurisdiction was. All kowtowed to the health mandarins, despite the ineffectiveness of their tactics, and the soul sucking oppression they exerted on society at large, especially the youth of Canada.

Into this deplorable set of circumstances Canadian truckers stepped forward to challenge the authoritarian rule being exercised over the country. From all parts of the nation they converged on the capital city of Ottawa. An oppressed citizenry rushed to support them. Those folks who could not trek to Ottawa held demonstrations in their own local areas. Under this onslaught the political class, albeit reluctantly, started to buckle. This was true, in particular, of the provinces. The federal government stopped its' expansion of the (so called) health mandates, but kept what it had in place. On the other hand the provincial lawmakers started to backpeddle immediately. Within months most of the obnoxious, counterproductive covid policies had been recinded.

Although Covid 19 as an issue has started to settle down, and the Canadian general public is in a more relaxed state, the health industry predators are still on the prowl. Multiple doctors and nurses, sensing a loss of importance in a return to normalcy, agitate for the reinstatement of the mask mandate. Educators, many of whom are known to be timid to the slightest exposure to peril, advocate lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine mandates. Of course journalists, troubled at the loss of a headline making story, exaggerate the rise of new Covid variants, hoping for a story twist which will feed their profession.

Wisely the average Canadian has disregarded these exhortations, while letting lawmakers know they have had enough of the destructive Covid policies.

Thus thwarted, the prophets (such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and Dr. Neil Ferguson), moneychangers (such as Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci), and benefactors (such as Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Dr. Neil Ferguson, Phziser, and Moderna), of the modern pandemic cabal, foreigners supported by Canadian toddies (Trudeau, Theresa Tam), are starting to switch diseases. They admit that Covid has devolved into a flu-like status. Something to be treated when an individual is afflicted with it, but under most circumstances easily defeated. Instead there are new perils to be feared. Smallpox, seemingly eradicated from the human population since the late 20th century, is inexplicably about to make an re-emergance amongst humanity. If not smallpox than the rare monkeypox, with its' even rarer mortality, will somehow ravage our species. If these two agents of Diseased Apoplytic horseman are somehow avoided then they will manufacture some other mortal hazard to our collective health and mortality.

When these medical fabricators are presented to Canadas' citizens they will be proclaimed positively by lawmakers and bureaucrats desiring to extend the power of government. They will be proclaimed positively by health mandarins, and lackey doctors, and nurses, wishing to increase the wealth and influence of themselves individually, and the health industry in general. They will be proclaimed positively by pharmaceutical companies, and medical establishments wanting to increase monetary profits. Finally they will be proclaimed positively by electronic media companies who luxuriate in a lockdowned nation.

Each time this is attempted the overwhelming response from the bulk of Canadas' citizens, based on what occurred during the Covid 19 era, should be : "No we will not comply. Any attempt to repeat the Covid tyranny will be resisted, and fought, in every way imaginable. We have learned our lesson. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!"

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