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One Reason The West Will Lose World War Three

By Matthew Clark

If a nations, or nations, armed forces are involved in conflict throughout the world logic dictates that a world war is ongoing! At present the United States, and her various allies, (Canada among them) are conducting military quarrels around the globe. Along with Israel, and some of her NATO allies the United States is presently fighting in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. On the African continent United States, United Kingdom, and French armed forces are in intermittant battles with countless insurgency groups. In Ukraine that nations military forces, supported by western governments, and Western mercenaries, are engaged in trench warfare eerily reminiscent of World War One. There are 28,000 United States troops (Josh Smith, Reuters, September 26, 2022) in South Korea to assist in thwarting any possible invasion from the communist north. American and other Western navan vessels patrol the junction of the East, and South China seas to deter a communist Chinese atempt at conquest of the Island of Taiwan. Meanwhile special combat forces of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) stage raids throughout the Western Hemisphere in a rather unsuccessful 'War On Drugs.'

In all of these endeavors the United States is supported by at least one, often many, of her allies. All of these disputes (with the exception of the War on Drugs) are waged far from United States shores. Thousands of people are being killed annually in this global tragedy.

The question arises to what end? Why is so much bloodshed being spilled, so much money spent, so much material destruction being wrought? What is the cause motivating the American alliance political leaders who have involved their nations in World War III? It cannot be to spread individual freedom as all Western governments have long ago given up on that noble condition. It cannot be to bestow prosperity as Western nations are declining in wealth! It is not to promote the rule of law as Western countries have politized the law both internally, and externally.

Observing World War III as it is presently being conducted by the United States, and her compliant allies, it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this Global conflagration is being waged for empire. In other words for the same reason the Central Powers fought in World War One, and the Axis Powers clashed in World War Two. It is unlikely to go better for this round of imperialists than it did for the previous mentioned groups!

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