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Possible World War Three Occurrances!

By Matthew Clark

1) Turkey's government will leave the North Atlantic Treaty Oranization (NATO) to join the Eurasian Alliance (Russia and China)

Turkey has, and is, sending warships into Middle-East waters in a show of support for Hamas, who are in a military conflict with Israel. In Syria, which is experiencing a civil war, American military forces have shot down Turkish armed forces drones.

2) Saudi Arabian government will transfer the nations alliance from the western based United States to Eurasia, as well as becoming a uneasy ally of Iran.

Saudi Arabia's government has signed a peace protocol with the Iranian government. It was a deal brokered by the Communist Chinese government. The governments of Saudi Arabia and Iran have both applied to be allowed membership into the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) economic organization.

3) Iran, along with Russia, will continue to assist the military forces of President Assad until they have achieved total military victory in the Syrian civil war. Iran will increase their sponsorship of the Hezbollah organization so that Hezbollah can conquer all of Lebanon, while also staging military attacks on Israel.

Syrian armed forces of President Assad , supported by Russia, and Iran, are close to triumph in the Syrian civil war. Hezbollah is the most powerful military group in Lebanon. Hezbollah is also hostile towards Israel and has had numerous armed clashes with the Iraeli military, as well as that nation's civillian population.

4) Egypt's government will think themselves compelled to become hostile to Israel. They will, along with many other Arab states, assist Hamas. Jordan will remain neutral in the conflict between Hamas, and Israel, until a winner can be discerned. Then the Jordanian government will ally it's forces with the winner.

Domestic opinion in Egypt is gravitating strongly toward Humas. Egypt cannot afford for the Gaza territory to slide into anarchy whereupon the population tries to wholesale migrate to Egypt. That result could slide Egypt into failed state category. Therefore the Egyptian government will adopt a hostile attitude toward Israel, which could include military action.

Jordan, with a majority Palestinian population, will initially adopt a neutral position, until they can estimate who will win the conflict. Jordan will then join the side of the victors.

5) Russian armed forces, at the behest of the Russian government, will increase the pressure on an overtaxed Ukraine military!

Having successfully stopped the last Ukraine offensive, depleted the Ukrainian munitions, while bleeding the Ukrainian army white, the Russians will conduct a massive military offensive against the forces of Ukraine.

6) India will be militarily and diplomatically neutral in the conflict, yet side with the Eurasian alliance in economic matters.

Despite being hostile to China, the Indians have a tradition of friendly relations with Russia. In an alliance with the west the western military would be a maritime and air power. India's army would be the troops on the ground. In essence the Indian army would be cannon fodder against China, and Russia, India is not interested in that. Being in BRICS India will pursue it's financial advantage by increasing trade with the Eurasian powers. There is a remote chance that western political leaders become so frustrated with India's attitude, that they commit actions against that nation which comel her political leaders to join the Eurasian alliance in a military capacity. As stated this is a remote possibility.

7) North Korea will attack South Korea with it's military. Japan will assist Americans and South Koreans in Korea.

North Korea, at Russian and China behest, encouraged by largesse from these two countries, will attack South Korea. Japan will not see a hostile force occuppying all of Korea. They will rush to the aid of America and South Korea.

8) If the opposition wins the February 2024 election in Taiwan they will immediately advocate for union with Communist China. If the present government in Taiwan emerges victorious Mainland China forces will invade the island.

Communist China's is putting much hope on the February 2024 general election in Taiwan. An opposition victory will probably mean voluntary union with the mainland. If the present Taiwanese government triumphs than the Communist forces will invade in short order.

9) In Africa the forces aligned with Eurasia will continue to emerge victorious over western aligned forces, particularly in francophone Africa.

African governments, especially in francophone Africa, have been sliding towards support for Eurasia. Nijer is an example of this. This will accelerate in the upcoming conflict.

10) In Central and South America, as well as the Carribbean, national, and irregular armed forces, will attack western militaries, and their allies. They will be an effective distraction, despite limited, or non-existant, success.

Led by Venezuela and Cuba, Latin Americans in sizable enough numbers. agitate against United States interests. This will include instances of armed conflict. It will be a taxing distraction.

11) In terms of military campaigns the forces gravitating toward Eurasia will triumph conventionally, due to their superior manufacturing capacity. At that point political leaders of the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Israel, will be faced with using nuclear weapons, or admitting military defeat, which hold severe negative consequences for their nations!

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