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The Contentment of Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping!

By Matthew Clark

This spring, following into summer, I will once again grab my fishing rod, hopefully meet my cousin, perhaps with my adult son, or adult daughter(s), and go fishing in the Upper Ottawa Valley. My cousin and I will talk over old times, make fun of each other, than listen to my children on how times have changed, except they have not. Perhaps my cousin's sons will be with us to add more stories. Along the way we might even catch a fish, or two.

This fall I will meet a couple of old friends to go WhiteTail deer hunting. Upon getting together the three of us will engage in tall tales, which will become even more exaggerated as the Scotch flows. During the day we will track deer, with the chance one of us, or even all three, will bag a winters supply of venison through a straight, and true shot.

Through the winter I will lay taps in the wild, in an effort to trap muskrat, which will provide thick, attractive pelts. This will be a lonesome experience, yet every bit as enjoyable as the other outdoor endeavors shared with family, and friends.

In all three of these mentioned activities I will be in the wild, enjoying the wonderful spectacle that nature, under God's direction, provides. I will be matching wits against creatures, who, because they are on their home turf, will more often than not, outsmart me. On those few occasions where I enjoy success, the reward will be healthy meals, or functional, attractive clothes.

To all those souls who criticize hunting, fishing, and trapping, while nevertheless eating beef, lamb, or chicken, raised on farms to be specifically slaughtered to soothe your palate, my message to you is, " Spare me your hypocrisy!"

To vegetarians who denounce the cruelty of anglers, hunters, and trappers, I point out we are much closer to nature than you are, and thus better able to judge upon the morality you falsely subscribe exclusively to yourselves!

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