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The Five Party Tyranny

By Matthew Clark

As the world watches the inspiring sight of Canadian truckers taking on the oligarchial government which reigns over them, it is relevant to understand the nature of that authoritarian institution.

In the governong legislature, titled the House of Commons, the membership consists of five political parties. They are called the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, the New Democratic Party, the Green Party, and the Bloc Quebecois. All of the 5 have a strong belief in collectivism. Four of the five parties pretend to represent particular segments of the Canadian population.

The Conservative Party asserts they represent the entrepreneurial class. Every time they are elected into power they push through as much regulation as the other parties when they are in control, but explain to their citizens that this is an aberration. Slightly to the left of the Conservatives is the New Democratic Party believers who have yet to acquire power at the federal level. They claim to favour working class people but do have a problem with the working class population in Canada. Most working class people in Canada are white, and the New Democratic Party does not like that. So instead they advocate for rich white folks who also do not like working class white people.

Canada's federal Green Party worshipers refer to themselves as a party of the environment. They really adore solar panels and wind turbines to generate electric power. Unfortunately solar panels, and wind turbines are really poor at generating electrical power. Also solar panels and wind turbines require intense mining for their materials, have a short life span, and take up a lot of space in garbage dumps when it comes time to dispose of them. The Green Party crusaders are still working on a solution for these problems. However what Green Party believers consider their most serious problem is winter. That is because in Canada winter is very cold. People start to question the notion of Global Warming when they are on the verge of freezing to death. This is very problematic for the Green Party faithful.

Members of the Bloc Quebecois campaign for the independance of Canada's french speaking majority province, called Quebec. One of their main economic policies is a High Speed Rail System between Quebec City, and Windsor, Ontario. This, they argue, will integrate the province of Quebec further into the Canadian economic system, thus paving the way for a prosperous independent Quebec, within a strong united Canada. Fortunately for the cause of Quebec independence English Canadian members of the House Of Commons have balked at the vision of a strong united Canada.

Finally there is the Liberal Party. Their members do not believe in anything, except perhaps a generous pension for all sitting members of the House of Commons. This might explain why they are the reigning party within the House of Commons most of the time. Despite their relativism the Liberals have had a cultural impact on Canadians. Under a policy referred to as french immersion Canada hs now 3 national languages.

The first two are English and French respectfully. The third language, developed rather recently (since the Official Languages Act of 1968), is French spoken by English people that only other English people speaking French can understand. This language has grown spectacularly, especially at the centre of the nations capital, the aforementioned House of Commons.

Do not be deceived at the trivial differences previously mentioned in this article. When it comes to the big issues the 5 federal political parties are united. All agree that it is important for several hundred Canadian soldiers, as a critical part of the NATO alliance, to stand up to 150,00 Russian soldiers in order to prevent the Russian army from rampaging through Ukraine. All of the adherents of the five parties agree it is essential we ignore the anti-semitism, and corruption, of the Ukraine government. If we paid attention to these details we might not want to send our several hundred soldiers to crush the Russians.

The politicians of the five parties all agree that China, ruled by the communists, has practiced genocide on the Tibetans, and the Uighurs but nevertheles we must promote trade with the Dragon Kingdom. If we do not increase our trade with China the country's overlords, the communists, might get really mad at the Tibetans, and Uighurs. Therefore more trade means less genocide.

All House of Commons parties believe Global Warming must be stopped. We must do this even if it means destroying our resource industry and impoverishing millions of Canadians. The last thing Canadians need is warmer winters. Warmer winters make people weak.

The 5 party tyranny wants a vibrant government owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio Canada network. This is so the 8% of Canadians who watch their programs can ontinue to enjoy taxpayer funded Canadian programs. Following that same logic all 5 political parties believe in a lucratively funded Canada Post to deliver the mail which Canadians no longer send.

All 5 House of Commons parties are stedfast in their support of the Bank of Canada. Without the Bank of Canada stifling any meaningful economic reform the pure chaos of innovation and adaptability would prevail. Without a Bank of Canada the Bank system might become less centralized, and more responsive to local conditions. Tax systems might change to compliment local situations. This threat to big banks must be prohibited. So the five parties prohibit it.

All five parties are against property rights for middle class and lower income Canadians. This would greatly inhibit the privilege system benefitting Canadian rich folks. Therefore there are no property rights for Canadians, just economic privilege for the rich.

The tyrannical five agree on official bilingualism, which is an attempt to make Canadians equally fluent in English, and French. A policy of bilingualism allows the federal, and provincial, governments the ability to manage the growth of Canadas two official languages. Under this stewardship the expansion of french, on a percentage basis, has shrunk in the English speaking provinces since the Official Languages Act of 1968. In Quebec the state of the English language is unknowable, because noone claims to be speaking English, even when they are. Indeed there is the possibility that everyone in the province is an English speaker, speaking English every minute of the day, except for when they are making love to their spouse, an occasion when even anglophones speak french.

Finally the five Party tyranny believe in Covid Lockdowns, Covid 19 vacines/boosters, and vacine mandates. They want to lockdown to prevent citizens from getting a virus which has a 99.96 survival rate for those who get Covid. They want to force people to take a vacine which does not stop the patient from getting the virus, does not prevent transmission of the virus, and now there is increasing evidence it is compromising the patients immune system, leading to more hospitalisation than those who are unvacinated. Not to mention side effects are unknown due to lack of prolonged study of vacine patients.

All five tyrannical Canadian parties want vacine mandates so they can further divide Canadians and further decimate small businesses already reeling from the economic impact of the lockdowns. As well the vacine passports give the Five party members a valuable window into rendering meaningless the Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Into this banal environment come a bunch of pesky truckers, and protestors, demanding an end to the curtailment of individual liberties. Denounced as "Fringe and Terrorists" they live up to the designation by honking their horns, dancing in the streets, shovelling snow off walkways, shooting off fireworks, cleaning statues, sidewalks, streets, and repairing neighbourhood works.

Like all oligarchies the Five Party Tyranny, their supporters, and benefactors, have become an albatross to the nations citizens. Their reign must be dissolved, so individual liberty does not perish from the land.

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