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Those Who Advocate For Military Conscription Are My Enemies!

By Matthew Clark

As the Russian military slowly yet surely vanquishes the Ukraine armed forces, while the Middle East descends into barbarism due to the counter productive Israeli reaction to the Hamas October 7, 2023 invasion of their country, there are individuals in North America advocating for the imposition of mandatory military service of the the continents young adults., an American publication, in a July 29, 2023 edition called for a limited military draft. In Canada certain public figures have, in the past, called for a military draft in the Great White North! Journalist Neil Godbout of the 'Prince George Citizen' argued in a November 11, 2022 article that Canada should consider implimenting military conscription of the nation's new adults. Naturally enough so have members of the NATO Association of Canada organization. A further example is historian/author J.L. Granastein's November 5, 2018 MacLeans Magazine column which argued the policy of military conscription helped Canada win the First World War. (wow Canada won the First World War. So what did the other Allied countries do during the conflict?).

It does not take much imagination to foresee an ever greater demand by many (older) people in Canada that the nations youth should be subjected to compulsory military service. This will especially come true as more and more armed conflicts have unfavourable results for the Western nations!

To these individuals I say-"Keep your hands off my kids!" They are not yours for the taking.

Very few people are alive in Canada since we last had conscription. It was last enacted during World War Two. Canada was a different nation then. There was a high level of individual freedom in the kingdom. Religious participation was widespread, pride in Canada's history was at a consenus level. To obtain citizenship newcomers to the country underwent a rigorious testing system.

Such is not the current case. Individual freedom has been under assualt by all government levels in Canada for the last sixty years. (Lester B. Pearson's election as Prime Minister). What little was left of it was throttled by the draconian lockdowns implimented to manage the Covid farce. Religious participation in Canada is at pathetic levels, at least among the majority Christian population. Our history is spit upon by our own government(s), while it is being mistaught in the provincially controlled education system(s). Collectively our major institutions have entered into the swamp of racial politics. The majority white population is encouraged to hate themselves (obviously this will not end well) while individuals of other backgrounds are taught to hate the nation. This is a particularly nonsensical practice since the federal government is following, for all intense and purpose, an open door immigration policy.

In the area of foreign affairs our federal government, lead by banal characters who reside over a banal parliament, with government and opposition members alike putting an end to political decency throughout the land, support other national administrations as odious as our own. We support war in Ukraine, war in Africa, war in the Middle East, send warships off the coast of China, all the while declaring the contemporary version of Canada as a lover of peace!

Canada, as represented by it's political leaders, does not value peace. They do not value individual rights, They do not value citizenship. They deplore the nations history. It even appears they deplore the worshipping of the benevolent creator!

Under these circumstances I say to Canada's lawmakers my enemy is not in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, North Korea, Damascus, or Gaza. My enemy is in Ottawa, Toronto, Quebec City, Washington, London, Paris etc. To those who want to sacrifice our youth to the Canadian military I repeat," Keep your hands off my kids." If you believe the Russians, Africans, Chinese, or Middle Easterners, need to be fought, than send your own children to do battle. Leave mine alone. If you do come for them then expect a fight on this nations soil, because you will be my enemy. And their are many Canadians who share my opinion!

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