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The Success of the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy

By Matthew Clark

From the autumn of 2021 until January 2022, members of Canadas federal government, such as health minister Jean-Yves Duclos, were pressuring provincial health authorities ( in Canada the provinces control health care) to mandate the double jab covid vaccine. There was even discussion of jail sentences for those who would not comply. Concurrently many federal and provincial health authorities were telling media personalities that Canadians might have to undergo a further two years of lockdowns, along with further mandates!

The truckers, and their entourage arrived at Ottawa, Canada's national capital, during the last weekend in January 2022. Combined with trucker protests at the border crossing in Coutts, Alberta, and the Windsor/Detroit border crossing, the protests exposed widespread dissent to the draconian Covid policies of the federal Canadian, and provincial governments. While there was all kinds of posturing by the different levels of government in Canada, in the end they succumbed to the public pressure applied through the Trucker Convoy protests. Lawmakers campaign to mandate the Covid vaccine ceased. Within several months almost all mandates, particularly mask mandates, were repealed. Lockdowns were terminated.

The Canadian Trucker Convoy protestors, and their supporters, stood up against fear, and tyranny. They are responsible for being the main factor in ending a sad, and disgusting, episode in Canadian history. The success of the Trucker protest has frustrated the upper echelon members of Canada's administrative state, including disquietingly, it's malevolent health industry bureaucracy, in their quest for authoritarian power over individual life. It is a journey these autocratic people are still conducting! Therefore all Canadians who value individual freedom should look to the example of the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy, along with their supporters, in how to defeat tyranny. The success of these valiant Truckers has meant the authoritarians within the Great White North have not fulfilled their noxious designs quite yet!

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